What sets Sensitive Stability apart from other programs?

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Sensitive Stability offers live 60 minute classes once per week all available to you through your computer or smartphone. Our easy to use program is accessible anywhere around the world with a live chat too!

Our sensitive, non-judgmental instructors walk you through the program, step-by-step, answering questions and providing the caring guidance you need to succeed. Our instructors are skilled, educated, and fully understand the condition.

The Sensitive Stability program is one of a kind, offering a combination of CBT and DBT similar skills, with the updated, modern knowledge that only first-hand experience can provide. Our instructors have been there, just like you!

Our knowledgeable instructors are truly here for you. We offer a live chat with every lesson and we stick around after class to answer your questions. We even have a study hall, where you can receive answers throughout the week.

All of our classes are recorded and uploaded for your viewing needs anytime throughout your enrollment. You can access any previous class you have had access to at your leisure and enjoy the same lecture when it is convenient for you.

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