Everything Necessary to Get to BPD Remission in 4 Months!*

As a BPD Survivor, I recognize the frustration in trying to cram in therapy, exercises, and routines into an ALREADY BUSY lifestyle. Our LIVE Classes correct the problem, offering people a new way to end the suffering.*

About Our LIVE BPD Classes

Sensitive Stability Live Classes offer an immersive and transformative experience designed to guide you toward BPD remission. Beyond learning, you will be a part of a supportive community. This program was designed to generate emotional stability, personal growth, and lasting remission.

Learn a Comprehensive Curriculum From a Real BPD Survivor

Our LIVE classes are taught by BPD Survivor, Kevin Reynolds, as a way to articulate the skills and perspective changes necessary to satisfy his own journey to remission.

This curriculum is broken down into (16) distinct curriculum modules. Four months of course access includes everything necessary for an individual to get to full BPD remission.*

The full curriculum rotates every four months, so no matter when you enroll, maintaining enrollment for four months guarantees you are able to learn all 16 essential module curriculums.

Our LIVE classes are hosted at 8 PM US EST every Tuesday, but the recording is available by the following day for a week in case you cannot attend live.

**Please note that the 16 week curriculum requires 4 monthly payments to complete (1 class per week). The “16 Modules” are from our BPD Remission Program (a package which includes access to the classes, one-on-one sessions and 24/7 text support with Kevin Reynolds, and the original program modules).

After-Class Q & A

At Sensitive Stability, we understand that the journey to remission involves not just learning but also clarifying doubts and deepening understanding. A lot is going on in life, and a lot gets covered throughout the classes. That’s why, following each live BPD class, your instructor will remain available for an additional thirty minutes in an After-Class Q & A session.

Kevin Reynolds, our primary facilitator at Sensitive Stability, takes great pride in opening himself up throughout the LIVE BPD classes, providing personal examples from throughout his relationships and life experiences. During the after-class Q & A session, no question is off limits in terms of his BPD past, personal suffering, or journey to recovery. Having direct access to someone who has been in remission for years, but who also suffered for decades, often provides a significant advantage in the BPD remission journey.

This dedicated Q & A time allows you to ask any questions that may have arisen during the lesson plan, ensuring that you leave each class with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the material covered, and the opportunity to speed up your personal mission and BPD recovery!

Access to the Original (16) BPD Remission Program Modules Included

Sensitive Stability is home of the BPD Remission Program, which includes 16 video modules (which can be watched at your leisure) that help reinforce the 16 week LIVE classes curriculum. Here is some of what to expect to learn when watching our modules on your own time…

Conquer Symptoms

Learn how to detect your triggers and master your symptoms with Interventive Emotional Skills (IES).


Discover how to escape BPD’s infamous black and white thinking, discovering areas of gray, and significantly enhance your life.

Prevent Episodes

Unlock the power of IES to steer away from embarrassing episodes, and learn how to regain total control quicker.

Improve Relationships

IES is relationship-sensitive, designed to help you improve and nurture your love life.

The class itself is generally an hour long. Following each class, the instructor will be around for a half an hour to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have had throughout the lesson (or curriculum in general).

Our online, LIVE classes are easy to access. As long as you have a smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet, you will be able to access and attend the classes. We are happy to provide reasonable tech support to help.

Yes. We not only fully encourage you to invite your partner to class with you so that they may better understand the BPD condition and how they can help, but we also include BOTH module sets with our LIVE classes curriculum (the BPD Remission modules AND the BPD Partner modules are included).

Our online, LIVE BPD classes are hosted at 8 PM US EST on Tuesdays. If you miss a class, or cannot attend at the posted time, each week’s class is recorded and available to view for a week and you may watch it at your convenience.

Our curriculum rotates through 16 different lesson plans, one per week. You may join the curriculum at any time, and will still be able to attain all 16 lesson plans by remaining enrolled for 4 months total, so no part of the curriculum will be lost.

If you sign up for the BPD LIVE Classes on a monthly plan, you may cancel your recurring subscription anytime by emailing support@sensitivestability.com or you can use our easy web form which you can access by clicking here. Should you cancel before the end of a paid month, you can still attend the classes you have paid for.

Kevin Reynolds
PhD Candidate, M.A. Psychology

Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Reynolds is currently a PhD candidate in psychology with a focus on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). He has a M.A. in psychology and has two other degrees as well. He is the primary instructor/facilitator at Sensitive Stability and leads by example, being a BPD survivor himself. He has the empathy necessary to understand the condition and what a BPD victim goes through on a daily basis.

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What People are Saying

Sensitive Stability has helped empower many people who struggle with BPD, assisting them in their recovery journey, and giving them the tools they need to reach full, BPD remission!

I have had the immense pleasure of finding Kevin, and albeit during my worst, his curriculum has been so instrumental in providing me with the resources, changes in thoughts, and skills necessary to reach remission in only a couple of months! I would strongly recommend his services to anyone struggling with BPD.
Denise R.
After having tried what felt like every single thing I could try for nearly ten years I finally found Sensitive Stability. This program is the most comprehensive program I have ever tried. It is relatable, easy to understand and follow, and Kevin is a godsend. It is clear to me that there is no substitute for the Sensitive Stability program.
Janna B.

*All enrollment experiences are different and because the remission process is a matter of personal responsibility and decision-making, we cannot guarantee results in any particular timeframe. Please review our terms and conditions before enrolling.