Register for LIVE BPD Classes (4-Month Plan)

This is a 4-month membership to the LIVE BPD Classes for $889.00 which begins on the same day of which you enrolled.

This program is a 16 week program, of which you are enrolled at the current week of the curriculum (being enrolled for the full four months with this plan ensures you are able to attend one class for each necessary topic). One class is available per week (group setting, as long as you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you will be able to attend) on that particular week’s scheduled topic.

This is a full list of the BPD LIVE Classes curriculum:

Week 01:  Intro to BPD (Symptoms, Etiology, and More)
Week 02: Expectation vs Reality & Neurobiology
Week 03: Relationships & BPD
Week 04: The Core of BPD
Week 05: BPD Episodes & Symptom Map
Week 06: Relationship Complications
Week 07: Neurobiology and BPD
Week 08: BPD Splitting
Week 09: Rewiring the Brain
Week 10: Comorbidities
Week 11: Partners & Relationships I
Week 12: Fear of Abandonment
Week 13: Self-Harm & Self-Sabotage
Week 14: Partners & Relationship Part 2
Week 15: Emotional Dysregulation
Week 16: Self-Validation

If you would like to know which week we are presently on (again, you may enroll anytime, as the curriculum continually loops every 4 months), you may reach out to us by clicking here.

After each week’s class, the instructor (primary instructor is Kevin Reynolds) will remain available for up to 30 minutes to answer any questions you may have about the material.

You will also gain access to the (16) BPD Remission Program modules (from our full, BPD Remission Program) as well as the (8) BPD Partner / Support Program modules (from our full, BPD Partner/Support Program). These are pre-recorded programs providing concrete angles for achieving BPD remission, and/or helping your BPD person better cope and more quickly achieve remission.