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Why Consider Talking to a BPD Life Coach?

Many people who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) feel like they do not have many resources. For some, the traditional methods of trying to get ahead of the condition simply do not work. This might include therapy, medicine, or even spiritual investment. Due to the nature of the symptoms, BPD people have also been called “the most difficult to treat.” Therapists and medical professionals have been known to refuse BPD patients. Sometimes, there are comorbid conditions which accompany the BPD, making things even tougher.

A BPD Life Coach is someone who thoroughly understand the borderline condition. They have first-hand experience with BPD. They understand what it is like to suffer, just like you. While it is always our own responsibility to seek the guidance we need, having a BPD Life Coach definitely makes it easier to see the light!

Talk to someone who has seen this before. Talk to someone who has empathy for what you are going through and believe. Talk to Sensitive Stability.

How Is This Different From Our IES Remission Program?

While our IES Remission Program is designed to get you to remission within 2 months, some people prefer to solely speak to our coach, without the full curriculum. For this reason, Kevin is available for one-on-one coaching, per your request. Additionally, this opportunity provides clients who have already obtained remission, or need a little more help, the chance to still book time with a coach as needed.

Our BPD Life Coaches

Kevin Reynolds, PhD Candidate, M.A. Psychology

Kevin Reynolds is currently a PhD candidate in psychology with a focus on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). He has a M.A. in psychology and has two other degrees as well. He is the primary instructor at Sensitive Stability and leads by example, being a BPD survivor himself. He has the empathy necessary to understand the condition and what a BPD victim goes through on a daily basis.

For many years, Kevin practiced crisis management at Support Services of Virginia, where he assisted in the treatment and care of many individuals with all types of conditions. He has first-hand experience in working with hundreds of individuals diagnosed with BPD or SUDs (many times both).

In his private life, Kevin likes to spend his time with his wife, continuing his education, composing psychology-oriented literature, and teaching martial arts to youths and adolescents.

FAQs About Our BPD Life Coaching

Our sessions are all (1) hour in length with the selected BPD Life Coach.

We want you to succeed in figuring this out and we hope you will maximize your potential. Thus, in order to encourage greater dedication, our sessions currently run…

  • $225.00 per hour
  • $212.50 per hour when you purchase two sessions at a time ($425.00)
  • $198.75 per hour when you purchase four sessions at a time ($795.00)

We use Zoom for our sessions, which is compatible with iPhone, Android, or via web browser.

Sensitive Stability BPD Life Coaches are not licensed therapists. However, both coaches have a lot of experience with (and are extremely well-studied in) Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and other conditions. Your time with your coach is based upon sharing experiences and knowledge. We lead by example at Sensitive Stability, showcasing the skills which have created remission for so many people.

At Sensitive Stability, we highlight Interventive Emotional Skills (IES), which help the mind locate the true emotion behind Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). In our coaching sessions, we will show you how to draft your own IES Symptom Map, IES Relationship Map, and IES Relationship Complication Map. IES helps you understand the most effective skills, proven to work for controlling these emotions and unwanted behaviors.

Because BPD is such an emotional condition and rooted in a “lack of self,” it is essential to learn skills which allow the intervention of emotion-based behavior. IES also helps a BPD individual explore how their past affects their present, and how their present affects their future.

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*Disclaimer: Sensitive Stability does not offer any therapy or medical services. Our advice should not be considered substitute for professional, medical consultation. The time our coaches spend with our clients is a cooperative learning environment where we share experiences and knowledge with one another to offer greater insight. Please review our full terms and conditions for more information.