Borderline Personality Disorder remission is entirely possible, and our program is designed for people with all types of BPD, by someone who has experienced ALL types of BPD.


Conquering BPD means understanding the condition and knowing what you’re up against.


You should not have to fight BPD by yourself, and it is easier with someone who understands.


The IES program is designed to help you get ahead of the symptoms and take control of your life.


One of the most critical elements of remission is accepting yourself and achieving validation.

Learn From Someone Who Suffered Just Like You

Kevin Reynolds, PhD Candidate, M.A. Psychology

Kevin Reynolds is a PhD Candidate focusing on Borderline Personality Disorder. Having suffered the condition himself to an extreme, he understands it better than anyone.

About the IES Program

A Comprehensive Skillset That BEATS BPD

Beat the Symptoms

Interventive Emotional Skills teach you how to conquer your symptoms.


Beat the Splits

Figuring out how to see the shades of gray will quickly improve your life.


Beat the Episodes

With IES, you will unlock your ability to divert from embarrassing episodes.


Save Your Relationship

IES is relationship-sensitive and designed to help you improve your love life.

A Few Words From Our Founder…

More About The IES Remission Program

Created For People With BPD, By Someone With BPD.

Most of the programs out there for people with Borderline Personality Disorder have been designed by people who have never experienced the condition first-hand. This creates a massive disconnect.

The reason the Interventive Emotional Skills (IES) Program is so successful, is because the founder of the system has suffered through all of the worst symptoms and features of the condition himself. He has successfully navigated and conquered one of the most extreme cases of BPD on the planet.

It is imperative that there is a connection between coach and client, in order for success to ensue. Unfortunately, without meeting this basic principle, most people experience failure in their pursuit of remission.

More About The BPD-Partner Program

Better Understanding Your BPD Partner.

Most people who have BPD do not realize that their partner is going through the condition right alongside them. If you are with someone who suffers from this condition, then you are suffering too. But this does not mean there is nothing that you can do to improve the situation, and the relationship.

There are skills that you can learn to better comprehend their thoughts and behaviors. There are skills which can massively improve the communication.

We have a program for people with BPD
and a program for their partners

IES Remission Program


Our comprehensive program is built to get you to remission in just two months.

  • Pre-coaching Conversation
  • 16 Video Modules
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • Final Conversation​
  • 24 Hour App-based Support​ (2 mo.)
BPD-Partner Program


Our BPD-Partner Program is designed to make living with a BPD person easier for everyone.

  • Pre-coaching Conversation
  • 8 Video Modules
  • 2 coaching sessions
  • Final Conversation​
  • 24 Hour App-based Support (2 mo.)


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

When I first signed up for the IES program with Kevin, I was probably at the worst place in my entire life. I had just had an episode and was really ashamed of my actions. After getting into the program, I can say I have never better been understood and I began seeing improvements in my life immediately. I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with BPD.
Lisa Davis
Proudly in Remission ’23

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There is no need for you to suffer any longer. There are real answers, and this condition can be conquered! The day you decide to start, is the day you take control over your future and over your life.