General Privacy Policy

Sensitive Stability (hereby referred to as Company throughout the duration of this agreement) considers your information sacred and will do whatever is within reasonable means to protect it; However, this policy still dictates the arrangement of your accessing our website and services.  This includes your personal information, data collected, and any other information exchanged through our website or services.

Collected Information

You hereby understand that the Company may collect information on your experience, data from your visiting our website or use of our services, or information shared through our services. This information may include personal information such as your contact details (email, phone numbers, or otherwise), as well as information about your device and internet exchange with our website or services. We collect this data to provide us with demographic information and to improve your experience with our services. This data may be used to personalize your experience. Your IP address and other information may be collected via cookies or other technical attributes installed on our website. We may also collect information from your visit of our affiliates or from other third parties where warranted or applicable.

User-Provided Information

You hereby understand that we may collect information provided to us by you throughout your visit to our website or use of our services. This information may include any forms you fill out, forum entries or data you submit, or chats you may have during your use of our website or services.  This also includes any emails or phone transmissions you make with our Company. We hereby reserve the right to record your transmissions for internal use.


You hereby agree that your contributions are posted at your own risk and while we limit access to certain pages to enrolled students only, your privacy and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.  You understand that we cannot control the actions or behaviors of other students or users of our website or program.  You understand that we may not have control over unauthorized visits to our website or services, and thus, what you share through our service is at your own liability. While the Company will make all reasonable efforts to maintain confidentiality of your personal data, we cannot be liable for unauthorized infiltrations, or breaches in this security by other members or intruders.

Cookies and Other Data Collection

You understand that we collect data as you use our website and/or services, and that this data collection may be automatic or manual in origin. You understand that we may employ automatic data collection technologies such as cookies and pixels.  This may include Google pixels, Facebook pixels, or other third party data collection techniques. This data may include information about your traffic to our website, use of our services, or other communication records. This data may also include information about your device or internet connection (including but not limited to IP address, ISP information, operating system, and browser details).  We collect this data as an effort to better your experience with our services.

Third Party Information

Sometimes, the Company may collect data to improve advertisements, or third party offers.  You hereby agree to this data collection and its applicable providers. You also understand that we do not have control over these third parties nor the information they serve you. If you are in disagreement with this portion of the policies, you may set your browser to disallow cookies and data collection to some extent.

Disclosure of Information

Your data is processed with the intention of bettering our service and your ability to access (and use) our website and services. All use of personal data and information is in compliance with the Regulations of the European parliament and all similar, applicable law, with attempt to warrant the protection of natural persons in regards to the processing of personal data.  While we may process your personal information, we will only due so with the intention of providing better service and security as it relates to your use of our website and services. You also understand that your personal information may be processed under legal obligation.

The Company will always attempt to maintain the most private use of your data.  The Company will also do everything within its power to maintain your confidentiality, however, you hereby understand we still cannot be liable for this task and you agree the Company offers no guarantee of this policy.

You understand that if you do not agree to these privacy policies, you have a right to withdraw from using our website or services, however, you also understand that we do not offer refunds for fees paid. You have the right to request we erase your data and remove you fully from our system.

Changes to Privacy Policies

You hereby understand and agree that these privacy policies may be changed at any time, at the sole discretion of the Company, with no notice given to you.

Inquiries or Concerns

We always invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. You may reach us at:

Sensitive Stability
5007 C Victory Blvd 271
Yorktown, VA 23693

We also invite you to review our full Terms and Conditions, of which you agree to by using our website or services.

Privacy Policies last updated on 10/23/2023.